We rent cameras, radio communication and wireless links for events, manifestations, festivals, pop concerts, demonstrations, VIP-visits,...


Camera surveillance

R.T.S. has developed a camera system that anyone can install easily and quickly at temporary locations. The Arugs® range has a dome camera and tranmission equipment to stream the video to the control room.

Radio communication

You can call on us for the temporary use of extra communication equipment at the organisation of an event or big project. We're happy to inform you about the possibilities of our equipment. R.T.S. offers solutions that meet the customer's specifications. Unlike mobile telephony you don't pay a calling rate per minute with the use of a radio portable, only a fix rent. Our customers are companies, government, big and small organizers of festivals, concerts, games, ...

Wireless links

Data communication is getting more and more important, also at events. We can offer you solutions for temporary installations. 

PMR MPT network
Microwave Radio 18GHz

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