Industrial applications

Industrial applications

Industrial applications


Camera surveillance on industrial estate

R.T.S. has an extensive expertise in securing industial estates with camera surveillance.

Unmanned alarm centrals

Unmanned computer controlled alarm centrals can call upon portable walkie talkies, pagers,  cell phones, ... in case of problems. In this way emergency calls can be processed fast and efficiently.

Dead man systems

Dead man radios are used by people who work in dangerous surroundings. When an employee is in need, the dead man radio automatically sends an emergency call to e.g. the alarm central.

Wireless intercom systems

Wireless intercom systems are based on radio communication for use in production environments. The application consists of duplex voice communication systems between several persons in a production environment where the external circumstances are extremely hard.

Radio communication in special environments

Special environments ask for special techniques and applications. R.T.S. is experienced in radio communication in all industrial processes, from PMR-voice communication in hazmat suits ATEX approved till data communication in cooling tunnels till -28°C.

Microwave Radio 18GHz
CCTV_City Surveillance

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