Microwave links

A wireless link is a radio link between two antennas that carries data or video at very high frequencies. A wireless link is in most cases a remarkably cheaper alternative for a wire link.

The antennas are very direct and there must be LoS. LoS means Light of Sight which means that you need optical sight between the antennas. Because of the curvature of the Earth's surface the maximum distance is limited to about 75 kilometres. Non and Near Line of Sight are sometimes also possible. There are several technologies to put up a link. We distinguish 2 big categories: links with BIPT license and links that can by freely used without license.

Apart from fix wireless links, we can also install temporary wireless links, for instance for the occasion of an event.

R.T.S. is certified as a RAD-partner, which guarantees a professional and qualitative installation for each customer. R.T.S. offers a fast realisation of fixed or temporary wireless connections in a short time.

Enkele referenties:

Waak Kuurne
European Space Agency - Esoc
CCTV Industrie
6GHz microwave 160m
Microwave dish 4m

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