Hoogtechnologische camera's voor museumsite

Large camera project in museum


In October colleagues Michaja and Tom were present at the Museum of Fine Arts Ghent (MSK) for a large-scale camera project. The site of the MSK was equipped with high-tech cameras and video software. Next year the largest Jan Van Eyck exhibition ever will take place in the museum.


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Mobile video transmission

Mobile video transmission

Did you know that RTS also specializes in mobile video 
With this we send live video images to and from vehicles.
Users of this equipment increase the productivity of
a production process and save a lot of time and costs.
35 new cameras in Waregem

35 new cameras in Waregem

The city security project of 35 cameras in the inner 
city of Waregem offers a total solution
for the Waregem police.
The cameras are an extra tool for the police force. 
Thanks to the advanced analysis software, 
they can search for specific vehicles or people.
Waregem Koerse was the first major event where 
the cameras were used.


new beam connection

New beam connection in Aalst

Thanks to a new beam connection (1Gbps), this company can now forward their data data (surfing / invoicing / databases / ...) extremely quickly to their other location that is further away.
All calls between colleagues also go through this connection.


Stad Kortrijk kiest voor AI technologie van Axis

The city of Kortrijk opts for innovative solutions


The city of Kortrijk always opts for the most innovative solutions! Multiple angles can be viewed simultaneously with this multihead camera on the Broelkaai. Four images in one! The cameras can be adjusted independently of each other and provide a razor-sharp image.


Veilig werken dankzij intercomsysteem

Working safely at Ivago thanks to the intercom system


The garbage trucks from Ivago in Ghent are equipped with an intercom system developed by RTS. With this system the driver can communicate with the garbage collector and vice versa. In this way, RTS helps ensure the safety of Ivago employees.

 Radio couverture Vlissingen

Radio coverage Vlissingen


RTS recently installed a wireless network in the port of Vlissingen in the Netherlands. The ships are always connected to the mainland via this radio coverage.

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