Camera network for police areas and cities

Thanks to an extensive camera network, police districts, cities and municipalities get a good overview of what is happening in their city or municipality. The images provide more information about crimes, thefts, vandalism, violence, etc. The police use the camera network to support their intervention teams or to detect cases. Crowd barometers in shopping centres are also updated thanks to the cameras.


Mobile boxes from RTS

You can purchase or hire the easily movable RTS mobile cameras.
They can be used to monitor a site:


  • a temporary construction site
  • a container park
  • a Grand place during an event  

Or they can be used to count traffic:

  • the number of pedestrians passing by during an event
  • the number of cars driving too fast on a certain road,...

Access control system

With an access control system, you increase security in your company or building.
In doing so: 


  • You can easily determine who enters your building or grounds. 
  • Get a quick overview of who is in the building (e.g. in case of emergency) 
  • This system is cheaper than traditional keys 
  • User-friendly and inconspicuous 

Industrial intercoms

  • Better communication in extremely difficult environments
  • Use of wireless intercom systems in production environments. The application includes duplex (two-way) speech connections between many systems. 
  • Communication in safety or fire fighting helmets: In dangerous or critical situations, clear and reliable communication is essential.

Radio frequency solution

Radiant connections can achieve the same speeds as fibre optics with the advantage that you do not have to dig. A good and faster alternative to laying a coax cable. Connect your two business locations with each other so you can work on the same network at both locations.