These intelligent cameras register number plates of vehicles. The underlying software analyses the number plate and compares it with those from databases. These cameras have already been in use for a long time by various police services, but are now being used more and more in other applications, such as the automatic opening of barriers, control of shopping and walking areas, control of car parks, road pricing, etc.

Transmission of video (Pal-SDI)

  • Transmission of video (PAL-SDI): Thanks to a proprietary range of COFDM transmission systems, video images from on-site cameras, vehicles, helicopters or aircraft can be transmitted to a command post within a distance of several kilometres (max. 80 km). This can be done both line-of-sight and non-line-of-sight. RTS also has repeaters and multiplexers for this type of COFDM applications.

Camera in museum

RTS has installed cameras in various museums in order to control the flow of visitors and protect the collection. We always look for a suitable design for the cameras so that they are integrated as well as possible.


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