Video surveillance

For years, R.T.S. has experience with professional CCTV-systems. As well in simple systems as in very extended solutions with Video Management Software.

For this reason, R.T.S. already got certified as Milestone Gold Partner, Avigilon Certified Partner, Axis Silver Partner, Eocortex certified partner and SeeTec Certified Partner.

We're also specialised in ANPR cameras. These intelligent cameras register all number plates of vehicles. the supporting software analyses these number plates and compare them to the number plates from data bases. These cameras have been used by police services already for a long time, but nowadays also find their way to other applications as the automatic opening of gates, control of shopping & walking areas, control in parking garages, road pricing,...



Special applications: 

  • wireless video transmission over long distance;
  • hidden observation systems for police services;
  • mobile cameras;
  • detection of illegal dumping;
  • ANPR number plate cameras;
  • special night cameras (thermal cameras);
  • video transmission over HSDPA and COFDM;
  • link to access control, production lines, PLC's...

Enkele referenties:

Lemenu Transoil
Politiezone Lowazone
Politiezone MIRA
Politiezone Vilvoorde Machelen
ANPR_City Surveillance
Axis Silver Partner
CCTV Industrie

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