A higher level of building security 

RTS links access control systems to the latest software. This gives you a clear overview of all visitors, employees and suppliers entering and/or leaving your company building. You can assign access rights individually or per group. Easy and fast verification is possible in combination with our camera solutions.

RTS started specialising in perimeter security several years ago. Perimeter security allows you to guard the boundaries of your industrial premises. We make use of a diversity of technologies for this, including radar technology, fencing security and thermal cameras. Thanks to a wide range of professional equipment, RTS can take care of the entire process: from design to installation and support.


Access control

  • Perfect control over who can enter your building or premises
  • Quick overview of who is in the building (e.g. in an emergency)
  • User-friendly and inconspicuous
  • Less expensive than traditional keys

RTS is a certified partner of:

  • Motorola 
  • Paxton



Access control system