Professional camera surveillance

Are you looking for a camera system for your company, municipality, police district or institution? RTS offers various solutions that can be tailored to your needs: from a simple camera system to an extensive camera network.


Microwave transmission

A microwave transmission is a radio link that transmits data (images, voice, etc.) between two points. Depending on your needs, RTS helps you to make the right choice between the various types and technologies available today.


Radio communication

Are you looking for a permanent or temporary system to communicate with two or more people? RTS sells, rents and installs walkie-talkie networks.  A professional radio communication network will help you communicate more easily and efficiently, both indoors and outdoors.


Access control

A professional access control system allows you to monitor access to your building and outdoor premises. RTS takes the security of your building to a higher level through a combination of thermal cameras, radar technology and video integration. 


Video transmission

RTS keeps abreast of all the latest technological advancements. Thanks to the latest digital COFDM techniques, we can transmit video and audio wirelessly over very long distances without any line of sight required between the transmitter and the receiver. 


WiFi and WiFi measurement

RTS is a specialist in complex WiFi networks such as VoIP over WiFi, picking and scanning in large warehouses, and more. We provide independent advice and carry out RF measurements to determine the exact coverage. 


Industrial intercoms

Would you like to transmit information quickly and safely in a limited area, such as on a waste collection truck? RTS develops its own systems for intercoms, wireless transmission, PA systems, and more.