Camera surveillance (CCTV)

RTS has many years of experience in professional CCTV systems. We can integrate simple camera systems as well as highly extensive solutions with Video Management Software.  Our offering encompasses various high-tech solutions such as ANPR cameras, mobile and quickly movable cameras, thermal cameras and illegal dumping cameras. RTS camera systems are used in the manufacturing industry and by cities and municipalities, police departments, businesses, hotels, hospitals and more.

Video Management Software (VMS) 

Video Management Software (abbreviation: VMS) combines all the pieces of the video surveillance puzzle into a clear and user-friendly system. The management of the images is in the hands of the users themselves. In this way, a perfect solution can be offered for everyone who is responsible for the security of people and/or property. RTS searches for the best VMS solution in consultation with its customers. 

RTS is a certified partner of: 

  • Milestone Gold Partner
  • Avigilon Certified Partner
  • Axis Silver Partner
  • Eocortex Certified Partner 
  • SeeTec Certified Partner




  • Thermal cameras (special heat detection and night-time cameras)
  • Easily moveable cameras
  • Cameras for detecting illegal waste dumping
  • IP digital camera surveillance
  • City surveillance
  • Surveillance of industrial sites
  • Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras
  • Analytics
  • Observation cameras
  • Production process monitoring
  • Long-distance wireless video transmission
  • Video transmission over HSDPA and COFDM
  • Link to access control, production lines, PLCs, etc.
  • Facial recognition
  • Number plate recognition
  • Smart city
  • Face mask detection
  • Timelapse creation
  • Livestreaming images