School group Sint-Rembert Torhout 
Connection between department and main site

The nursery and primary department of the Sint-Rembert School Group can quickly and easily exchange data, telephony and information with the school's main site a few kilometres away, thanks to a radio link. This connection was the most economical solution.


Between land and ships or between ships

Ethernet transmission over long distances between land and ships or between ships.


Fast network over the air 

A radio link transmits data or video at a very high frequency. It is often a considerably cheaper alternative to the well-known cable link.


Sound detection system, cameras and access control

RTS developed a unique sound detection system for the company Agristo to tackle the noise nuisance from rotating refrigerated lorries. The site in Wielsbeke also has an extensive camera network of 200 cameras and the installation of an access control system will soon start.

News article

Student takes graduation test at RTS

Trainee Jason Everaert, student Internet of Things, did his thesis 'Sending out commands via a Raspberry Pi' at RTS. The assignment of his thesis was to optimise the sending of commands to a radio link or Broadband Network.


Thermal cameras screen for temperature increase

Use these cameras to take preventive action during the seasonal flu or other viruses. Especially in high-risk sectors such as food, healthcare or education, this camera can come in handy.


Ghent mobility company 
Cameras, intercoms and PA in parking garages 

RTS has been supplying cameras and intercoms in the underground car parks of the city of Ghent for over 15 years. Over the years, the outdated cameras have been replaced by high-quality ANPR cameras with new VMS. The intercom system, connected to the city's telephone exchange, provides assistance to customers.


Fixed rental price per portable per day during the event

You can rely on RTS for temporary use of communication equipment during an event or festival. We will be happy to inform you about the possibilities.


Intelligent camera for registration of number plate

These intelligent cameras register number plates of vehicles. The underlying software analyses the number plate and compares it with those in the databases.