Jet link was the most economical solution 

RTS installed an additional radio link for the Sint-Rembert school group in Torhout to connect the main site in Bruggestraat with the nursery and primary department in Revinzestraat. This way, the two sites can exchange telephony, data and internet at a high speed. Kevin Baert, ICT-coordinator of Sint-Rembert explains.

"For these sites, which are only a few hundred metres apart, a jet link with a speed of 400 Mbit is the most economical solution. We now paid +/- 4,500 euros, whereas a connection via fibre optic cable would have cost us 240,000 euros. For our other sites that are sometimes up to 7 to 8 km apart, we are looking for another solution.  An RTS radio link is therefore a reliable connection that you can use for many years."

An RTS intervention contract gives peace of mind

In 2016, the Sint-Rembert school group concluded a first intervention contract with RTS. "Our supplier of the connections at the time pulled out. RTS took over the existing connections without a problem and delivered very nice professional work. We took out an intervention contract on the connections so that we could be helped within a certain time. That gives us peace of mind. Fortunately, we haven't needed many interventions yet. The material and work are always of a high quality."



“Ik heb RTS aangeraden bij collega’s die op zoek waren naar bepaalde technologische oplossingen.  RTS levert steeds een snelle service en je krijgt een antwoord op je vragen. De zaakvoerder Ronald en projectleider Pieter-Jan zijn altijd bereikbaar voor onze vragen, dat schept vertrouwen. Bovendien is alle werk steeds proper, netjes en professioneel afgewerkt en alle as-built gegevens worden goed bijgehouden.”

- Kevin Baert, ICT-coördinator van Scholengroep Sint-Rembert