Secure communication systems

Encrypted and high-security communication systems and systems for military and police applications between ships, vehicles, aircraft, helicopters and receiving stations.


Better communication in difficult environments

RTS Industrial Intercoms offer a reliable solution for communicating in difficult or noisy environments.

News article

Video wall installed in control room

Michaja, David and Tom started installing a completely new video wall in the control room of the Blankenberge police. Cameras in the city and a mobile box will follow in a further phase.


Livestreaming images

Many municipalities and provinces live stream images of special occasions or animals via Youtube.



Radio communication in industrial processes 

Specific environments require specific techniques and applications. RTS has experience in radio communication in all industrial processes.


Managing the flow of visitors 

RTS installed cameras in various museums, including the STAM and MSK in Ghent, to control the flow of visitors and protect the collection.


PZ Arro Ypres
Camera network in the city 

PZ Arro Ieper got to know the cameras of RTS in 2006. After many reports of fights in the entertainment area, it was decided to use cameras. In the meantime, the city has been equipped with a second generation of cameras.


Camera network for businesses

RTS has extensive experience in protecting industrial parks with camera solutions. Cameras in companies have different functions.


Police forces better overview thanks to camera network

Thanks to an extensive camera network, police districts, cities and municipalities get a good overview of what is happening in their city or town.