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Camera surveillance technicians - smart city 

For those who want to work in an inspiring and fun environment and embrace 21st century technology, R.T.S. currently offers great job opportunities. 
R.T.S. is the company of Ronald Supply and Benedicte Vermeersch. At their company in the Industriezone in Ieper, they are in charge of the daily management of a fourteen-strong team that has top expertise in the field of radio links, camera surveillance, access control and radio communication. The customers that R.T.S. can count among its own are industry, police forces, cities and municipalities, defence, utility companies, shipping, care institutions and SMEs. "We only work with professional partners", says Managing Director Ronald Supply. "As a result, our people experience a completely different type of customer contact than colleagues in companies that also operate in the private market. Our people are thoroughly trained specialists in their field. They go for nothing less than perfection. The communication between us and the customers is always clear and to the point. Our ever-growing customer base shows that this approach pays off. We are also committed to always approaching customers with the greatest flexibility. This means that we can respond extremely quickly to any questions from those customers."
Both the division of labour and the organisation chart within R.T.S. are geared to this pragmatic approach. Project Manager Pieter-Jan Machtelinckx is responsible for the general management. David Verbeke directs his team of Service Engineers and is responsible for the after-sales service. "Furthermore, each of our technicians is also a project manager. This means that he is the direct contact person for a specific customer. Because we largely eliminate the hierarchy within the company, there are no intermediate steps between us and the customer. In this way, we avoid unnecessary delays. For our people, this great responsibility also means job satisfaction. At R.T.S., you always work in teams of two on something very concrete and you get both internal and external recognition for it."
On Mondays there is usually no external work. "We all sit down together then for a debriefing of the past week and we draw up the planning for the coming week. On Mondays, we also do all the preparatory work and put all the technical documentation - a very important aspect in our industry - in order."
In view of R.T.S.'s steady growth, several 'smart city' camera surveillance technicians will soon be able to start work again. "There are no strict diploma requirements," says Benedicte Vermeersch. "We do expect a certain amount of technical and IT knowledge, some dexterity and a good sense of logic. In previous application rounds, the course Steering and Security Techniques proved to be a good basis for our starters in similar positions, but it is certainly not a must. Given the specialised nature of the subject matter, we provide thorough on-the-job training to guarantee a smooth start. Interested? Then be sure to send your cover letter and CV to benedicte@rts.be."
Working at R.T.S. means working in a team of great colleagues who push each other upwards.
R.T.S. is the specialist for the supply and installation of computer systems, telecommunication systems, wireless image & data communication and critical radio communication.